In fact, one of the most common causes of computer freezes is outdated or damaged graphics drivers. When your computer’s graphics drivers are not up to date, it can cause all sorts of problems, including freezes. If you’re looking to get the most out of your graphics card, be sure to keep your drivers up to date. Another reason why driver updates are unlikely to cause problems is that they only replace a small part of the overall graphics driver software on your computer. One of the reasons why driver updates are unlikely to cause problems is that they’re usually thoroughly tested before they’re released.

Browse other questions tagged drivers nvidia-graphics-card updates display-driver nvidia or ask your own question. But Windows updates regularly, and Windows will also update drivers for your machine that are in the Microsoft Update Product catalogue online. Thankfully, updating Nvidia drivers is extremely simple, provided you have the right software. Once you download the Nvidia GeForce Experience software, only two clicks stand between you and having up-to-date drivers. If you’re unable to identify your exact model or version, you can always try calling their technical support number or online chat, if available.


The ThinkStation P520 is Lenovo’s newest mainstream single CPU workstation. The platform has a total of 8 DIMM slots with a top Driver supported memory bus speed of 2666MHz. The P520 takes full advantage of the 4 memory channels offered by the Intel Xeon Skylake-W CPU, and supports a 2-DIMM-per-channel design.

You can share your thoughts on this topic – NVIDIA installer failed with us in the comment area. If you have any doubt about MiniTool Partition Wizard, please send us an email via . The final solution you can try is to reinstall Windows. 3) Reboot the system, then install the driver again. The drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All). Meanwhile, you need to know the system version of Windows 10 on your computer.

How to Set Default Graphics Card

Launch the Run dialog box, type control, and press Enter. Then, right-click on the driver and selectEnable device. Most of them are simple processes that only require a few minor tweaks to your settings. The core advantage of the Hit Box is that you have more deliberate control over your game, helping you make fewer mistakes in a match.

How to Restart Graphics Card Drivers?

Next, right-click on your NVIDIA graphics card and select Uninstall to remove it from Device Manager. Performance issues with your graphics card are causing the NVIDIA Control Panel not to open. The Control Panel also includes tools for diagnosing problems with your graphics card and monitoring its performance. Once your system reboots in Safe Mode, open Display Driver Uninstaller and click on Clean and restart.

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